Study in Lithuania

Capital: Vilnius
Area: 25,200 Square Kilometers.
Population: 2.848 Million (2019)
Currency: Euro
Official Languages: Lithuanian
Date Format: YYYY-MM-DD
Main Cities: Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda, Siauliai, Palanga, Alytus, Druskininkai, Utena, Jonava, Ukmerge, Silute,

Lithuania is situated on the south eastern shore of e Baltic Sea, officially it is known as Republic of Lithuania. It is a new member of EU and Schengen Zone. Lithuania has been a member of the European Union (EU) and part of the Schengen Area since 2004. Vilnius is the capital city as well big city. One of the oldest city in Europe too.

The education system in Lithuania is really good. They are welcoming the international students from all over the world. Students can chose different subject areas based in English in low tuition fees. In Lithuania, there are two types of higher study – university and college. Degrees are offered at three levels: bachelors and professional bachelor’s (first level), master’s (second level) and doctoral (third level). Studies are offered on either full time or part time basis depending on the courses. Full time degress usually take three years, while part time studies last four years.  The average cost of studies in a university or college depends on the choice of profession and level of study. Bachelor’s studies cost foreign students from 2300 euros per year; master’s studies cost from 4000 euros; and doctoral study fees are upward of 10,000 euros annually. In Lithuania there are many ways to receive financial aid for higher study: it is offered by the state, colleges and universities and international programs. Each school of higher learning has its own stipend fund and regulations for administering aid, so it can assist students who meet its requirement. Financial support for studies can be in the form of stipends and social welfare payments.

Colleges and Universities in Lithuania:

Universities Colleges
Vilnius University Vilnius College of Technologies and Design
Kaunas University of Technology International school of law and business
Vilnius Gediminas Technical University Kaunas College
Klaipeda University Alytus College
Lithuanian University of Health Sciences North Lithuanian College
European Humanities University Vilnius Business College
LCC International University Vilnius College of Design
Aleksandras Stulginskis University Social Sciences College
Vytautas Magnus University Zemaitija Colleg
Mykolas Romeris University Kaunas Technical College
Siauliu universitetas Siauliai State College
Lithuanian University of Educational Science V. A. Graičiūnas Higher School of Management

Facts about Lithuania:

  • Lithuanian is one of the oldest language in the world today. This language is one of the oldest living Indo-European language of Europe.
  • Basketball is the most popular sport.
  • One of the most famous Lithuanian dishes is Cepelinai which was named because of its oval shape which resembles a Zeppelin airship.
  • There is an Oak in Lithuania that has survived The Crusades. The Stelmuze oak I the oldest tree in Europe.
  • According to a study made by a French scientist in 1989, Lithuania is in the geographical center of Europe.
  • Lithuanians were the last nation in Europe to convert to Christianity.
  • The Lithuanian language is more ancient than Greek, Latin, German, Celtic, or the Slav tongues. It belongs to the Indo-European group and is nearest to Sanscrit.
  • From a ranking in 2011, Lithuania ranked first worldwide for internet upload and download speed.
  • Lithuania is the only country in the world with its own official scent, called the Scent of Lithuania.
  • Vilnius University was the first University in the Eastern Europe.