Study in China

Capital: Beijing
Area: 9.,600,000 Square Kilometers.
Population: 1.386 Billion (2017)
Currency: Chinese Yuan (Renminbi)
Official Languages: Standard Chinese (Mandarin)
Date Format: YYYY-MM-DD
Main Cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Dongguan, Shenyang

China is a cradle of culture, philosophy, art and history. The land of panda. Thinking of the great atmosphere, culture and diversity, China seems like the idea destination for international students. China made more innovations and invented modern day tools and utensils. Without Chinese makers, we would have been left without: compasses, printing, banknotes, toothbrushes, nail polishes and others. Chinese have great power of knowledge of creating new things, which comes as no surprise that the best universities and the best teachings went down from generation to generation. They are making one of the best place to come and study Master’s and Bachelor’s degree.

International students can find lots of programs and can apply in an interested field.

Universities in China:

Tsinghua University
Peking University
Zhejian University
Fudan University
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Jilin University
Xiamen University
Huazhong University of Wuhan
Shandong University
East China Normal University
University of Science and technology of China
Sichuan University
Beijing Normal University
Skema Business School China
Nankai University
Dalian University of Technology
Hunan University
Shanghai University
University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
China Agriculture University

Facts about China:

  • The Chinese New year celebration lasts for 15 days.
  • Bailong Elevator carries visitors more than 300m up a cliff’s edge.
  • The Forbidden City, a palace complex in Beijing, contains about 9,900 rooms.
  • The mortar used to bind the Great Wall’s stones was made with sticky rice.
  • 7th century Emperor Tang of Shang had 94 ice mean who made ice cream for him.
  • Developed about 5,000 years ago, the earliest chopsticks were used for cooking not eating.
  • China is home to a cluster of ancient rock pillars called Stone Forest.
  • The giant panda lives in the misty mountains of central China and nowhere else on Earth.