Capital: Ottawa
Area: 9,984,670 Square Kilometers.
Population: 37.06 Million (2018 by StatCan)
Currency: Canadian Dollar (CAD)
Official Languages: English & French
Date Format: YYYY-MM-DD
Main Cities: Ottawa, Montreal, Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Ontario,
Quebec, Vancouver
Canada the land of opportunities. Canada is the second largest country in the world in terms
of area after Russia occupying roughly the northern two fifth of the continent of North
America. Despite Canada’s great sixe, it is one of the world most sparsely populated country.
Canada shares a 5,525 mile long border with the United States. Canada is also known as for
its maple syrup, the Niagara Falls and their excellent hockey team.
Studying in Canada has become an appealing options for international students. Over half of
its residents have university degrees. Isn’t it amazing? Some of the top rated universities and
colleges are located in Canada and students from all over the world have come to join the
biggest name in their field.
Canada offers an interesting variety of college models like: polytechnics, college and
vocational schools (cegeps). The degree from Canadian institution are highly valued on the
job market and people who study there have been able to find great jobs in different sectors.
In Canada, Universities in every major city in all offers degrees in a wide range of master’s
and Bachelor’s degree subjects like from Art History to Neuroscience, to Accounting and
Software Engineering and many more like History, Economics, Finance.
Colleges and Universities in Canada:

Universities Colleges
University of Alberta British Columbia Institute of Technology
Acadia University College of North Atlantic
Algoma University Ecole de Technologise Superieure
Ambrose University HEC Montreal
Carleton University Kwantlen University
Kingswood Univerity Nicola Valley Institute of Technology
McGill University SAIT Polytechnic
Mount Royal University St. Thomas More College
NSCAD University O’Sullivan College
Royal Roads University Bart College
Simon Fraser University College Marianopolis

The University of Western Ontario Ashton College
Trent University Trebas Institute
University de Quebec Talpiot College
University of Manitoba Newman Theological College
University of Ottawa Arbutus College
University of Toronto Tamwood Career College
Vancouver Island University ILAC International College
York University Greystone College
Yorkville University Seneca College

  • Facts about Canada:
  • Canada is the second largest country in the world.
  • Canadians drink more than 22,700,000 hector liters of beer per year.
  • The world’s most educated country.
  • Canada has more lake than the rest of the world combined.
  • At least 10% of the population are vegetarians or vegans.
  • About 90% of Canadas land area is uninhabited.
  • Montreal is the second largest French speaking city after Paris.
  • Canadians consume more macaroni and cheese than any other nation.
  • Hockey and lacrosse are Canada’s national sports.
  • The Beaver is the national animal of Canada