Bibek Adhikari Chhetri C.E.O of J.E.C


Jyoti Education Consultancy and Career Counseling Pvt. Ltd is one of the best education consultancy in Damauli, Tanahun. Students from Damauli and Tanahun don’t have to travel to Kathmandu or Pokhara for I.E.L.T.S classes. We are running the best I.E.L.T.S classes in town. After I.E.L.T.S, to choose the agent for visa lodgement is also a big challenge. As far as we are there, it’s a matter of peace for students. Also, anyone having weak English can join our English Language Courses from basic to advanced levels. We are directly engaged with more than 1,000’s world-class Universities and Colleges across the globe.

None of the students have to deprive of opportunity to study abroad because the student can find more than 30 countries under the roof of J.E.C.  Counseling is not a big deal but providing genuine information is very important. Our aim is not only to enroll students but also to provide information about required skills, challenges and solutions, career opportunities and many more.

We have our counselors in different countries. You will be counseled by our professional counselor. Our counselor will guide you in the right direction according to your academic percentage, I.E.L.T.S. score, Gap, financial abilities and rejection cases. We handle the rejection case very well. In today’s world, most of the students are affected by financial problems. So, we recommend students to choose a destination on the basis of your financial abilities. Also, you may be eligible for scholarships, let us find that out for you.

There are lots of scholarships around the world waiting for you, we will help you to get the scholarships if you have good performance in the academic level.

Lastly, I, Bibek Adhikari Chhetri C.E.O of J.E.C want to say that there are many more countries welcoming you without I.E.L.T.S. For all the students who are planning to study abroad or yet not thought about it, I would like to say that it’s necessary to take the right and enough information about study abroad. So, prepare yourself today for tomorrow, who knows when the mind changes!  I request you all to choose the right agent and do enough research by yourself on countries and universities, as well as courses.

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