Punam B.K.

Hi, it’s me Punam B.K. from Syangjha. May be you are surprised a girl from Syangja how she went to J.E.C at Damauli. Yes, I got New Zealand study visa to study Certificate Level V in Pharmacy Technician at New Zealand Management Academy (NZMA) through J.E.C. (Jyoti Education Consultancy & Career Counseling Pvt. Ltd.). I have visited most of the educational consultancies in Pokhara and Kathmandu but J.E.C impressed me by providing genuine and true information about New Zealand. They have great link and access, I prepared my I.E.L.T.S in Kathmandu, interview in Pokhara without travelling to Damauli at their main office. Doesn’t it sound great! I would like to say it’s the best consultancy in Damauli to process New Zealand. I trusted them, why not you? Visit them once and reach your destination.

New Zealand, New Zealand Management Academy (NZMA), Certificate Level V in Pharmacy Technician

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